3 Weeks.

It’s been three weeks.

Three weeks since I’ve last seen him, talked to him. Three weeks since I’ve seen his name on my phone. Three weeks since I’ve had the chance to wrap my arms around him one last time. But I didn’t. Three weeks since I’ve been close enough to kiss his lips, run my fingers through his hair, and smell his sweet scent. But I didn’t.

All I could do was thank him and walk away. Then foolishly text him and allude to words I’ll never be able to say.

Three weeks but it still feels like just yesterday. Three weeks but only three breaths since I’ve last thought about him. Three seconds since I’ve longed to hear from him. Three blinks since I’ve missed him.

I am getting stronger. I do understand that it’s for the best that I don’t reach out. That I don’t let my feelings and loneliness get the best of me. That I need to let him move on and try my hardest to do the same.

Here’s to another three weeks of wishing time could heal this pain.


Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy


Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.

Filthy is one of those words that even feels like it’s own meaning when one says it or thinks it. The more you say it out loud, the filthier it sounds.

Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.

Such a judgmental tone filthy has. I have never heard filthy being used in any less than a prejudiced, pretentious, “I am better than you” manner.

Filthy describes someone who picks up our garbage. They are filthy as they pick up the filth we left on the side of the road. They are filthy as they are working hard to provide for their families.

Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.

Filthy describes the hands of the person who changes the oil in your car and rotates your tires. Their hands are filthy, hard, and tired from doing the same, tedious job every day, developing arthritis and severe back problems.

Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.

Filthy describes the homeless person sleeping on the bench. The person with filthy hair and nails. The person who you look on with disdain without knowing their story. Maybe the place they worked at for over 30 years unexpectedly closed their doors. Maybe they are suffering from an undiagnosed and/or untreated mental illness with no way of getting help.

Filthy. Filthy. Filthy.

I find nothing filthier than the word itself. Than the judgements and pretentious thoughts that come to mind following the word.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Every year, my family has a family reunion in Ludington, Michigan. This year, I finally decided to take a trip to the top of a lighthouse. It was completely terrifying, but definitely worth the view from the top. On the way up, I spotted this tiny guy enjoying the view, as well.




I have been putting off starting my own blog for… well reasons that anyone puts off anything:

  • I’ll do it later.
  • No one will read it.
  • No one really cares about my daily thoughts.

Basically it just comes down to laziness and not actually considering why I would start one anyways. It’s not for anyone else. It’s just a way for me to clear my own head, to gather my thoughts and arrange them for myself. I could care less if anyone reads it (on the contrary, I would rather they didn’t.) My daily thoughts aren’t for other people. My opinion about the world is just that- my opinion. The way I view the world is only affected by my own experiences and values. I will probably never publish this anyways. It’s my way of organizing my thoughts and hopefully becoming a better writer. I needed a way to continue practicing writing since I am no longer required to write collegiate essays (I actually miss that… a lot. Weird, I know.) It’s my way of getting to know myself on a deeper level; getting to know the way I think about my world, the people in it, and my reactions to what life throws at me.

Now, I am getting distracted by my not-so-secret guilty pleasure: Gossip Girl.

Until next time.